Photo of 3 staff members in front of mosaic wall

Staff update and welcome

We are pleased to introduce new staff joining B&NHPC and wish to thank our Locum Clerk.

Thank you to Julie Flenley, Locum Clerk who has been working with us since April covering for Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) while we recruited for these roles. Julie has seen us through the election and change of council, and her experience has been invaluable in supporting the work of the Council. Thank you Julie.

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new full team of staff who have joined us between July and September.

The photo shows Julie on the left, Emma in the centre, and Alice on the right.

Emma Gordon joined in July as our new Clerk. Emma can be contacted on 07494 054581 or 01865 861992 or via email Her office hours to meet parishioners are:

  • Monday 10am – 12pm (by appointment)
  • Wednesday 10am – 12pm (by appointment)
  • Thursday 10am – 12pm (drop in)
  • Friday 10am – 12pm (drop in)

Alice Handscomb Retallack joined on 1st September as Responsible Finance Officer (RFO). Alice is mostly home-based but you may find her in the office with Emma some days.

Jon Ramsay joined in July as Groundsperson responsible for the Louie Memorial Fields. Jon will be marking lines, checking the play equipment and picking up litter around the Louie Memorial playing fields early on Fridays and Saturday and dropping by mid week to keep the playing fields safe and tidy.

Welcome to the team Emma, Alice and Jon!