The Parish Council produces a paper newsletter once a year delivered door to door to all parishioners. You can also find a PDF copies online on this page.  If you require a ‘Large Print Version’ of the newsletter, please contact the Parish Clerk.

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Your monthly District Councillors newsletters can be found online on the Reports page of Cllr Debby Hallett’s blog.

For more news and events in Botley and North Hinksey visit the Botley & North Hinksey Community Website, the Botley Community  Facebook page and Botley & North Hinksey Parish Council Facebook page.

Past NHPC Annual Newsletters:

2022 Newsletter

2021 Newsletter
2020 Newsletter
2019 Newsletter
2018 Newsletter
2017 Newsletter
2016 Newsletter
2015 Newsletter
2014Newsletter (Pages1-2)  (Pages 3-4)
2013 Newsletter
2012 Newsletter (Page1-2)  (Pages3-4)
2011 Newsletter (Page1-2)  (Pages3-4)
2010 Newsletter (page 1) (pages 2-3-4)
2009 Newsletter was printed in The Sprout Magazine.  If you would like a copy please contact the Parish Clerk
2008 Newsletter
2007 Newsletter
2006 Newsletter