Key Objectives

New Key Objectives

A set of Key Objectives was agreed by the last Council to run to May 2023. See below table for more details. A new set of Key Objectives will shortly be drawn up by the current Council which will replace the information below once it has been fully adopted by Council.

1. To conduct all Council business in an open and transparent manner throughout the Council term– Review of standing orders with maximum transparency.
– Make Councillors aware of training opportunities and encourage attendance
– Timely posting of agendas, minutes and notifications online and on noticeboards.
Completed: Standing Orders reviewed and updated Dec 2020.Parish Clerk / Full Council
2. To provide an improved range of leisure and recreational facilities within the Parish, including:– Gaining funds for, and building a new pavilion by 2022 in line with our approved planning application.
  2022Full Council
– Supporting the work of the Seacourt Hall Management Committee in providing improved community hall facilities for the community.
– Engaging young people in the design and provision of a skate park . 2023R&A Committee
3. To work with all relevant stakeholders to maximise the benefits from the redevelopment of Botley Centre by influencing where possible the other facilities that will be provided there, as well as welcoming new resident and businesses to play a full part in our community.           – Planning applications and changes commenting
– Monitoring use of community building and Seacourt Hall
– Informing community of development progress and provision of services.
-Communicating with new residents and businesses and finding out their needs.
Regular communications ongoing. Planning Committee objected to application to add a storey to the next phase of development. Council have been in touch with CRM Students management to welcome them to the Parish and provide information.Planning committee


Communications Committee

Communications Committee

4. To actively support the adoption and full implementation of the submitted Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish including the provision of support for implementing Community Actions detailed within the Plan. 
2020 & ongoingFull Council / Cllr Kay
5. To work to protect and improve local green spaces, including nature reserves, recreation sites and roadside areas, in order to improve biodiversity and create more space for nature within our community.  –  Green space quality survey
–  Tree survey
–  Developing a nature recovery plan for the Parish
Tree survey completed August 2020 and, following review by the Council, the majority of the short term recommendations have now been completed to ensure the trees under Parish Council ownership are safe and well managed.  The survey included some longer term recommendations and it is planned that these will be reviewed and updated by repeat surveys on an ongoing basis.
Green Spaces quality survey launched and Green Spaces workshop being held Feb 2021.
Environment Committee, R&A Committee, Allotments Committee
6. To urgently implement the adopted Climate Emergency Policy including:
– Committing to work towards making our community carbon-neutral by 2030
– Work with our community and other councils to determine and implement the ways in which we can best help to limit global warming to less than 1.5°C
– Campaign for the introduction of appropriate eco-friendly, sustainable design features to be added to planning legislation and building regulations at a National and District level.
– To continue to oppose the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway and its associated Growth Arc
Botley Big Green Day held Feb 2020.
Environment & Wellbeing Committee
7. Extend emergency support established during the COVID-19 pandemic into a longer-term plan for operating as a resilient community (i.e. a community that supports its most vulnerable residents and is able to effectively respond to emergencies– Ongoing support during the COVID-19 pandemic
– Working to address isolation and digital exclusion
– Emergency response / resilience plan
– Work with stakeholders including the Botley Community Fridge, Botley Responders, District and County Council, and other service providers and charities.

Communications Committee / Environment & Wellbeing Committee / Cllr Berret

UPDATE: Objectives 2016-2019

In June 2016 the Parish Council approved a set of 6 key objectives for the remainder of the term of the Council (to May 2019). Here is an update:

Objective 1:  To provide an improved range of leisure and recreational facilities within the Parish.

  • New play equipment installed Jan 2019
  • Planning permission for new Pavilion granted July 2019 – details on the Louie Memorial page.

Objective 2: To support, manage and improve spaces, buildings and services that are the Parish Council’s responsibilities – 

  • See the Louie Memorial page.for progress on a new and improved Pavilion for which planning permission has now been granted.
  • The new Seacourt Hall opened as part of the West Way development in January 2020. Visit the Seacourt Hall website for details.

Objective 3: To work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that the redevelopment of Botley Centre proceeds with as little disruption as possible to the activities of residents and local businesses.  NHPC continues to be involved in Community Liaison Group meetings and in direct meetings with Mace to gain clear and detailed information on the project management plans for implementing the Botley Centre redevelopment scheme to ensure that the revised plans meet community requirements during the works and on completion.

Objective 4: To actively support the production and full implementation of an effective Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish: The North Hinksey Parish Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the Parish Council in November 2018 and submitted to the Vale. The Examiner’s report contained suggestions for amendments some of which the Parish Council has disputed, mainly because they would weaken or completely remove two important policies on the climate change emergency, and on the Brookes Harcourt Hill Campus. Discussions are ongoing before the finalised plan can be put out for a parish referendum. Details including copies of the main Plan documents can be found on the Vale website. In addition the Resources page of the Neighbourhood Plan website contains copies of all the Plan documents

Objective 5: To support the setting up of a new charity enabling a range of services currently offered by Elms Road Children’s Centre to continue in the long term, following the withdrawal of County Council funding. – 

  • COMPLETED 2016– A new charity named Botley Bridges was set up in late 2016, and funding of £5k from both NHPC and Cumnor Parish Council, combined with County Council start-up funds enabled it to begin providing key services from April 2017. Council representatives also provided support and advice as members of the charity’s Steering Group throughout the setting up process, and continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
  • In June 2020 North Hinksey Parish Council approved a further grant to Botley Bridges of £5000.