Press release: Parish council demand extra bus shelter at Botley road bus stops.

Botley and North Hinksey Parish Council are calling for a proper bus shelter on Botley Road where all West Oxfordshire buses now start during the now 18 month closure of the road due to the Oxford railway station works. At the Full Council meeting on Thursday the 19th, the council voted unanimously to push all the relevant organisations including local councils and the bus companies to install a bus shelter for passengers taking the park and ride and other services to Botley.

 Councillor Chris Church who proposed the vote said “it is simply not acceptable for people waiting to take these buses to have to stand in the rain all through the coming winter months. We know that there has been talk about an extra shelter – it is time to turn that talk into action. The cost will be a tiny fraction of the whole redevelopment, and we now need the political push to overcome any funding or bureaucratic obstacles. We call on everyone involved to make this happen in the next few weeks.”

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Parish Clerk Emma Gordon: