Skatepark Working Group


  • Chair: Ag MacKeith
  • Cllrs: Lisa Barnes, Martin Dowie, Nekisa Gholami-Babaahmady, Nicola Johnson, Laura Jones, Shazia Keily
  • Non-Cllrs: Darren Blase, Tamsyn Dent, Liz Herbert, Steve Messenger, Caroline Potter, Francis Prime

The planning application for a skatepark in the Louie Memorial fields was approved in August 2023. Full details of the decision can be found on the Vale’s website:

Thank you to all who have worked hard to get to this stage. The next step is to fundraise for the work. Visit the Botley SK8s fundraising page to find out how to donate and our next fundraising events.

Cartoon image of a skateboarder with text Botley SK8s

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