Full Council and the Clerk manage the Allotments.

The Parish Council owns the following allotment sites:

  • Plots 1 to 19.  Land between North Hinksey Lane and the Minns Business Park.  These have been converted to the North Hinksey Community Orchard and North Hinksey Nature Reserve and Memorial Garden.
  • Plots 20 to 42.  Land between North Hinksey Lane and the Seacourt Stream.
  • Plots 43 to 119.  Land between North Hinksey Lane and the Southern By-Pass.

There are approximately 100 plots.  If you are interested in hiring a plot, please contact the Parish Clerk on 07494 054581 or 01865 861992 or via email

Please see the Tenancy Agreement.

If you are interested in renting a plot, please complete the Expression of Interest Form and return to the Clerk.

Allotment Rents
The rent for 2022-23 is £2.50 per pole for 2023-24 it will be £3.00, where a pole is roughly equivalent to 25 square metres. Allotments are measured in terms of the total number of whole 25 square metre blocks that they contain (part blocks incur no charge).

A ‘pole’ is an historical term used to measure allotment areas, a standard 10 ‘pole’ allotment is about 300 square yards, or 250 square metres or one sixteenth of an acre.

The billing period is for 12 months in line with the growing season starting from 1st April each year.  The invoice will be emailed in March.  Please note that only one reminder will be sent out.  Payment should be made via Bank Transfer or standing order, but if you are unable to pay using these methods, then an alternative arrangement can be made by contacting the Parish Clerk.

The deposit for an allotment key for the year 2022 is £5.00 and payment can be made in cash to the Clerk (see above).