New Pavilion Committee

Chair: Councillor Lorna Berrett. Members: Martin Dowie, Nicola Johnson, Laura Jones, David Kay

The New Pavilion Committee was set up to provide a supplementary decision-making body for the building works of the New Pavilion when decisions are required quicker than the next scheduled Parish Council Meeting. When the building works are complete the Committee will cease to exist. Council delegates responsibility to the committee for making decisions on behalf of the Council on urgent matters related to the building of the New Pavilion.

The Committee cannot appoint a sub-committee or delegate its powers to a member of staff. The Committee shall undertake the following role and functions: Meetings to be ad hoc, as and when required. To decide that the matter is urgent and requires a decision by the Committee rather than Council and be able to justify that decision at the next Parish Council Meeting. To agree expenditure to a maximum of £5,000 taking into account, at all times, the policies and procedures of Botley & North Hinksey Parish Council, in particular, its financial regulations and to be able to justify any decision at the next Parish Council Meeting. The Committee cannot revoke a decision already taken by Council.