Personnel Committee

Chair: Cllr Erica Davis Members: Cllrs Alistair Bastin, Martin Dowie and David Kay.

Personnel Committee responsibilities include the following:

  • To oversee any recruitment and review processes of Council employees. N.B. Any panels set up by the Committee to carry out interviews or reviews will contain Councillors not on this Committee and/or the Clerk / RFO as appropriate and should be in line with any guidelines put forward by full Council.
  • Ensuring that all Policies directly relevant to employees (including the Recruitment Policy. Equal Opportunities Policy, Health & Safety Policy, and Grievance Policy) remain fit for purpose and are being fully adhered to by Council. N.B. Any changes to Policies proposed by the Committee require approval by full Council before being adopted.
  • To provide a channel for employees to informally raise any matters of concern (either relating to personal wellbeing or performance issues, or behaviour of individual Councillors or the Council as a whole) outside of the formal Council
  • Policies and Procedures. Committee budget. The Personnel Committee does not have a separate Committee budget, with any related expenditure requiring prior approval by full Council.

Because of the private and confidential nature of matters being discussed by the Personnel Committee members of the public and press will not normally be able to attend these Committee meetings. The Committee will report back to full Council and issues will be dealt with appropriately in those meetings in terms of their confidentiality.

Membership restrictions. Non-Councillors cannot be members of the Personnel Committee.
Committee Chairman. It is recommended that the Chairman of this Committee is not the
NHPC Chairman in order to provide employees with an alternative designated Councillor
to approach with any concerns.