About Your Council

Key Contacts:

  • The Parish Clerk can be contacted on Tel: 01865 861992 or 07494 054581 or email: clerk@botleynorthhinksey-pc.gov.uk
  • The Clerk’s office hours are: Mon, Wed, Thurs 9:30 – 14:30 and Friday 9:30 – 17:30.
  • Office hours to meet parishioners are:
    • Monday 10am – 12pm (by appointment)
    • Wednesday 10am – 12pm (by appointment)
    • Thursday 10am – 12pm (drop in)
    • Friday 10am – 12pm (drop in)
  • Chairman of the Parish Council, Lorna Berrett Lorna.Berrett@botleynorthhinksey-pc.gov.uk – Tel:  01865 722732 or mob: 07967 111014
  • Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor David Kay, Tel: 01865-240272 Email: david.kay@botleynorthhinksey-pc.gov.uk
  • All Councillors’ contact details can be found on the Councillors page

Key Objectives:

For full details and progress updates on the key objectives for the current term visit the Key Objectives page.


  • Allotmentsvisit the allotment page
  • Bus Shelters: Maintenance of the nine seats within the parish and the bus shelter in Arnolds Way. Although the bus shelters at the bottom of Westminster Way and near the junction of Laburnum Road and Crabtree Road are owned by the Parish Council they are maintained by Primesite Media.
  • Graffiti see advice on the Vale of the White Horse District Council page
  • HighwaysAll matters regarding highways issues are the responsibility of the County Council. Visit the County Council’s Roads, travel and parking page.
  • Paths: Clearance and maintenance of the concrete path between Cedar Road and Hurst Rise Road are the responsibility of the parish council. Contact the Clerk if you have any issues to raise.
  • Parish noticeboards: Maintenance of the parish noticeboards and two allotment noticeboards are the responsibility of the parish council. Contact the Clerk.
  • Planningvisit the committee page
  • Recreation & Amenitiesvisit the committee page. The committee is responsible for the  Louie Memorial Fields and the Nature Reserve & Community Orchard
  • Remembrance Day Service

Other useful contacts including services run by District and County Councils, Thames Water and Thames Valley Police can be found on the Contacts page.

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