Westminster Way further road closure

We have been informed that further work is required to complete the resurfacing along Westminster Way. There will be a full road closure on Thursday 27th October; 19:00 – 06:00. The outstanding areas of resurfacing will be between Harcourt Hill and Yarnells Hill.Harcourt Hill will remain accessible directly off of the A34. 

Both the bus companies and the university campus have been advised accordingly. There are two scheduled services affected during the hours of the road closure, details as below:

  • The 400-service comes out of Oxford using the Botley Road and will still access the stop at the north end of Westminster Way.  It will then divert via the A34 and Hinksey to then access Harcourt Hill and the Brookes campus directly off of the A34.  The stops along Harcourt Hill and at the Brookes campus will still be served.  Leaving the campus, it will access directly back onto the A34, up to the Botley Interchange to continue its route into the city.  The Brookes campus are already aware. The stops at Yarnells Hill and Raleigh Park Road along Westminster Way will therefore not be in use for the duration of the full road closure (19:00 – 06:00Hrs).
  • The City4A will route via Botley, into Westminster Way, and then turn up Arthray Road to access the estate, exiting via Arnolds Way. This is the same route as it would normally take so is unaffected.

An updated letter will be sent to all residents and businesses affected advising them as well.