2014 Remembrance Day gallery

2014: Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War in 1914

Read the 2014 address by Malcolm Graham PhD, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, London, Former Head of Oxfordshire Studies, Oxfordshire County Council. Malcolm Graham, a resident of Botley, has been the full-time local history librarian for Oxford City and also OCC since the early 1970s. He has given hundreds of talks and broadcasts over the years.


Local Schools Remembrance


A field of red poppies
As far as my eyes can see
Standing like each soldier
Who fought for you and me

Brave, fearless, young and old
They all went to fight
The dismal nights for many years
Gloomy, sombre, no end in sight

They fought for us in the trenches
In the putrid dark and cold,
Emotions racing in their hearts
But always courageous and bold

Many lost their lives for us
In lands near and far
We will remember them forever
No matter who they are

Written and read out at the Remembrance service by Edie Godfroy, 9th Nov 2014

Local Schools Remembrance. Very Highly Commended

Anne Hopestone
Matthew Arnold School

Alice Wightman Age 13
Matthew Arnold School

Freya Donnelly 8

David Bowman year 6

Mack Botley School Age 9, page 1

Mack Botley School Age 9, page 2

Nicole Garcia Matthew, Arnold School

Rachael Lewis Aged 9, North Hinksey CCPS

Matthew Morris Aged 10
Botley School
page 1

Matthew Morris Aged 10
Botley School
page 2

Louisa Rimmer
Matthew Arnold School

Thea Broome Saunders Age 10 Year 6

Jamie Stewart Age 11
Matthew Arnold School