Botley Skatebowl

Old Skatebowl

Following arson damage the Skatebowl in the Louie Memorial upper playing fields was condemned by the Council’s insurers and was filled in (October 2010) to prevent further unauthorised use.

Oxford mail article on the condition of the skatebowl – with specialist comments 6th February 2010

Inspection of relevant documents
Parishioners are advised that the Parish Council deposited the following documents in relation to the arson attack of the skatebowl in the Louie Memorial Upper Playing Fields. Copies of the reports have been put in the Reference Section of Botley Public Library.
ROSPA – Safety Inspection Report – Skatebowl click here to view
Gravity Engineering Report – Skatebowl gravity1.jpg gravity2.jpg

Skate Park Petition

In 2012 the Council received a petition for a new skatepark.
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Original Petition
Recreation & Amenities Committee report

Responses to the R&A Committee report on the Skatepark petition from: